Fitness Center

Fitness Center Hours Regular Hours

Building & Fitness Center Hours
Monday-Friday: 5:30 am-10:00 pm
Saturday: 7:00 am-6:00 pm
Sunday: 8:00 am-6:00 pm

Student Hours
Monday – Thursday ……………..2:30-7:00 pm
Friday………………………………….2:30-7:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday ………………1:00 -6:00 pm

Value Membership Hours
Monday – Friday …………………..8:00 am-3:00 pm

Did you know you can register online for most classes? If you do not have a user name and password click link below fill out form and submit, an email with username and password will be emailed to you!

Fitness Membership

Fitness Center Fees

Annual Membership Types Initial Rates Renewal Rates*
  Resident Non-Resident Resident Non-Resident
Adult (16 & Over) $175 $185 $150 $160
1 Month $25 $35
Daily Fees per visit** $6 $8    

Discounts are available for Seniors (55+) and Corporate Groups.
For more information, please contact
Erica Mazzuca, Aquatic and Fitness Supervisor

Membership Benefits

Basic Membership
  • Complete use of Fitness Center, track, and locker rooms
  • 20% discount on in-house fitness classes (for all members excluding Value, Student, 3 Month, and 1 Month)
  • Free use of Gym when available
  • Equipment orientation with a certified Personal Trainer
Value Membership
  • Use of Fitness Center Monday-Friday 8 am-3 pm
  • Complete use of running track and locker rooms

Please download our Fitness Center Waiver or Renewal Form.

Fitness Equipment

Resistance Equipment

  • 18 Cybex Machines
  • 1 Cybex Functional Trainer
  • 1 Gravitron 2000
  • Dumbbells (3 lb – 100 lb)
  • Preacher Curl Bar/Bench
  • Smith Machine
  • Workout Benches
  • Sit Up Board/Ab Rollers
  • Roman Chair
  • Stretch Trainer

Cardiovascular Equipment

  • 5 Treadmills (Matrix, Precor, True)
  • 3 Elliptical Cross Trainers (Life, Precor, Sci-Fit)
  • 4 Adaptable Motion Trainer
  • 4 Recumbent Bikes (Cybex, Stex)
  • 1 Concept II Rowing Machine

Personal Training
A personal trainer will design an exercise program tailored to your fitness goals, while taking your health concerns into consideration. The trainer will also give you valuable training advice as well as the motivation to stick to your program. All initial annual fitness members will receive a one hour personal training or equipment orientation with a certified personal trainer. This service is available to initial 3 month members for a fee of $25 ($35 for non-members/daily fee users).

One-Nine Sessions – $35/session
Ten or More Sessions $30/session

Personal Training is available to non-fitness members for an additional charge of $10 per session. Please note that group training is also available. Additional information is available in the fitness center.

Please download our Personal Training form here.

Massage has many benefits including stress reduction, increased circulation, improved health, reduced muscle soreness, and more! During your chair massage appointment, a licensed and certified massage therapist will work on your back, arms, neck and/or shoulders to help you experience all of the benefits that massage has to offer. You will remain fully-clothed during your appointment. Schedule your 10, 15 or 30-minute appointment at the fitness desk today! Fees are $1 per minute for Roselle Park District residents and $1.50 per minute for non-residents. Basic Fitness members receive a 20% discount. Cancellations must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged.

Walking Track
Did you know that it is free to use our walking track? All you have to do is sign in each time at the front desk. One mile is equivalent to 14 times around the track. Roselle is the one of very few park districts that doesn’t charge to walk the track.

Fitness Class Descriptions
Hatha Yoga (EM)

This is a perfect total fitness program resulting in overall improvement in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. You’ll learn to relax your mind and have more body awareness through proper breathing practices, yoga postures, deep relaxation and meditation techniques. Emphasis is placed on developing and enhancing balance, flexibility and strength. Enjoy our new extended class format. Please bring a yoga mat and a 5 ft. blanket to class. Comfortable clothing is advised.
Who: Ages 16 and up.

Stroller Strides (EM)
ADULT and child
Stroller Strides® is a stroller-based fitness program designed for moms with little ones. Each 60-minute, total body workout incorporates power walking/jogging, strength, toning, songs and activities. Taught by certified instructors (who are also moms), it’s a great workout for any level of exerciser.  There’s no age limit for kids, as long as your child will sit in the stroller for the duration of the class then they are the right age! Who: Ages 21 and up. See current schedule  for dates and times

Body P.U.M.P. – Pursuing Ultimate Muscle Power (EM)
This class will give you a total body workout that will be both challenging and invigorating. With the use of barbells, you will target all major muscle groups in the body through an intense workout.
Who: Ages 16 and up.

Discover the Secrets of Chinese Health Balls (EM)
Discover the secrets of Chinese Health Balls; an exercise system that has been in use for 2,000 years. They can improve strength, flexibility, dexterity and circulation in the fingers, hands and wrists. They can relieve joint stiffness and soreness, relax muscles and joints. Their use can reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, repetitive strain injury, rheumatism and arthritis. They are deeply relaxing, can help reduce stress, improve overall health, stimulate the mind and reduce your risk of cognitive decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Each class participant will receive one free set of Health Balls.
Who: Ages 6 and up.

Tai Chi (EM)
Tai Chi can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, anger and fear. It can increase energy, vitality, endurance, confidence and concentration. In addition, Tai Chi can relieve arthritis and chronic pain, improve all bodily functions, balance the emotions, calm the mind, speed healing, strengthen and detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system, integrate the body, mind & spirit and allow you to achieve inner peace. Who: Ages 14 and up.

Flex Class Pass
Purchase a Flex Class Pass! This pass is a convenient and easy way to attend all of your favorite classes to fit your schedule. No more stopping at the front desk to pay the drop-in fee, go straight to class and present the card to the instructor! Each pass is valid for the following  in-house fitness classes; 50 and Fabulous, Spinning, Express Workout, Back to Basics, Les Mills BODYPUMP™, Zumba, 45 & Go, Pilates, High Intensity Interval Training, Yoga, and Zumba Gold.

Body Shred (EM)
Push your fitness to the next level with High Intensity Interval Training.  Classes focus on strength and power by alternating between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity.

50 and Fabulous (EM)
This class is an all level fitness class run by a senior fitness specialist.  The specialist will incorporate things such as balance, weight training, using hand weights. Flex tubing and medicine balls during your work out. Finishing up this class with stretching to help with flexibility and stamina.  Who: Ages 18 and up.

Zumba (EM)
Dance your way to a fitter and healthier you! Zumba Gold is a slower paced, low impact version of a classic Zumba class that’s just as fun! Optimal for the active mature adult and exercise beginner, Zumba Gold combines a variety of Latin and international rhythms with an easy to follow workout. No dance experience is necessary. Please wear comfortable exercise clothing and bring a hand towel and water bottle to class.

Pilates & Yoga Fusion Classes (EM)
These classes are a fusion of yoga poses and Pilates exercises. Classes focus on total body stretching and strengthening while building core strength and improving posture. All exercises are performed in a flowing and graceful manner with the coordination of breathing. Regular class participation can increase dynamic flexibility, muscular endurance and strength, balance, body awareness and coordination. Sign up for combination of classes for maximum benefits. Please bring a mat to classes.
Who: Ages 16 and up

Pilates (EM)
Strengthen and lengthen your muscles while restoring the natural curvature of the spine with Pilates. All exercises are performed in a flowing and graceful manner with the coordination of breathing. The workout offers incredible body benefits, including dynamic flexibility, muscular endurance and strength, balance, body awareness and coordination. Please bring a mat to class.
Who: Ages 16 and up.

Spinning (EM)
Cycling is an exciting way to workout! The workout is designed to enable all individuals to participate in a group exercise class with emphasis on individual performance. A typical class may consist of going up and down hills, climbs, sprints, or visualizing riding around a neighborhood or up a mountain. Spinning is a fun and effective exercise challenge and a great way to lose body fat. Please bring a towel and plenty of water. Spin classes are now one hour long by popular demand!
Who: Ages 18 and up.

Express Workout (EM)
Need a fast and effective workout? This 45 minute class will sculpt your problem areas using tubing, body bars, medicine balls, hand weights, resist-a-balls, hula hoops and fit disks to tone and train those stubborn body parts in a fun and challenging way! For those of you short on time, this class is the perfect choice! Please come ready for class warmed up and ready to train!
Who: Ages 16 and up